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An Outline for Teaching Computer Game Development in Class

In this paper we propose an outline for teaching video game development in
middle schools using development environments which do not require
knowledge in programming, but will train the students in game development.
The proposed outline includes cornerstones based on the 21st century skills
every student needs, and features ten units, as required in developing
computer games in the classroom. The learning cornerstones associated with
skills such as information skills, higher order thinking skills, study skills and
language skills. The life and career cornerstones associated with skills like
personal development and life and career skills. The technology cornerstones
associated with the skill and the use of communication and collaboration, use
of ICT, ethics and protected network.
Keywords: Game Development, Project Based Learning (PBL), Digital
Literacy, Collaborative Learning.

Yael Hakshurian (The College for Academic Studies), Gila Kurtz (The College for
Academic Studies)

This Abstract was presented and published as part of the 11th Chais Conference for the Study of Innovation and Learning Technologies.

For the Hebrew outline and the Poster

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